BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterPrinted warning messages only when needed.Cyrille Bagard3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-04-08Printed warning messages only when needed.HEADmasterCyrille Bagard
2019-07-07Updated the code for the unpackbootimg tool.Cyrille Bagard
2019-05-05Updated code for the new Dex pool object.Cyrille Bagard
2019-04-20Tracked Xrefs in routines.Cyrille Bagard
2019-01-31Handled flat binaries for loop detection.Cyrille Bagard
2019-01-18Implemented "a new algorithm for identifying loops in decompilation".Cyrille Bagard
2019-01-16Helped to track infinite recursions in rank computing.Cyrille Bagard
2019-01-13Displayed extra information about basic blocks.Cyrille Bagard
2019-01-03Updated the demo Python plugin.Cyrille Bagard
2018-12-21Shown basic blocks of a given function.Cyrille Bagard