chrysalide.gitChrysalide - Reverse Engineering FactoryCyrille Bagard3 weeks
samples.gitCode and binary samples to test ChrysalideCyrille Bagard3 years
snippets.gitCode snippets dealing with Chrysalide's APICyrille Bagard10 months
commitbot.gitSimple commit robot to link git hooks with IRC using free shellsCyrille Bagard5 years
packaging.gitRepository of all packaging scripts for ChrysalideCyrille Bagard2 years
Toha.gitMediawiki skin used on http://www.chrysalide.reCyrille Bagard5 years
GitTimeline.gitExtension to display the git timeline of a repository in MediawikiCyrille Bagard5 years
Ribbon.gitExtension to create a simple "Fork me on GitHub"-like ribbonCyrille Bagard5 years
HTT.gitHashTagTracker highlights some Tweets selected by defined keywordsCyrille Bagard3 years
toolchains.gitMakefiles building GCC toolchainsCyrille Bagard
mutual-ssl-demo.gitA working example of client/server mutual SSL authenticationCyrille Bagard4 years
Cupinder.gitCupidon v2.0Cyrille Bagard4 years
refcards.gitQuick reference cardsCyrille Bagard3 years
gas.gitGit Advanced StatisticsCyrille Bagard3 years
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test.gitTests sur GitNooby5 years