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masterCreate a function extending strings thanks to a format and its arguments.Cyrille Bagard7 weeks
r612-disrupted_basecommit 9867bba623...Cyrille Bagard7 years
r311-alpha_versioncommit 71a3b81022...Cyrille Bagard10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-08-18Create a function extending strings thanks to a format and its arguments.HEADmasterCyrille Bagard
2022-08-18Introduce new features to deal with structured data and Python.Cyrille Bagard
2022-08-18Reduce the rendering concurrency between the GTK main loop and Python computa...Cyrille Bagard
2022-08-18Handle the Python Global Interpreter Lock with more care.Cyrille Bagard
2022-08-17Disable the extra data storage inside the GObject structure.Cyrille Bagard
2022-06-06Fix comments.Cyrille Bagard
2022-05-29Remove a call to the deprecated function PyEval_InitThreads(), which does not...Cyrille Bagard
2022-05-29Rely on the new "--embed" switch to link the Python extension/interpreter plu...Cyrille Bagard
2022-05-29Remove various accesses to the Python Global Interpreter Lock.Cyrille Bagard
2022-05-28Use a simple static type definition instead of a dynamic one.Cyrille Bagard