AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
28 hoursSaved the first steps toward a new serialization system.HEADmasterCyrille Bagard
8 daysFixed some cases from the test suite.Cyrille Bagard
8 daysUpdated the Python API for bitfields.Cyrille Bagard
9 daysImproved some common helpers inside the Python API.Cyrille Bagard
9 daysIncluded the packed buffers in the Python bindings.Cyrille Bagard
2020-06-23Improved support for Android boot image Python classes.Cyrille Bagard
2020-06-21Deleted dead code.Cyrille Bagard
2020-06-21Reorganized the code for target operands.Cyrille Bagard
2020-06-07Added some extra documentation for Android boot images.Cyrille Bagard
2020-06-07Simplified code.Cyrille Bagard
2020-06-07Reorganized the operands behaving like proxies.Cyrille Bagard
2020-06-02Defined Python extra flags for disassembling errors.Cyrille Bagard
2020-06-02Extended the Python bindings for disassembling contexts.Cyrille Bagard
2020-06-02Made the binary export working again.Cyrille Bagard
2020-06-01Populated the help menu.Cyrille Bagard
2020-06-01Updated the Python bindings for the GtkDockable interface.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-28Typo.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-28Updated the Python bindings for targetable operands.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-28Fixed several memory leaks.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-28Adapted the API for renamed operands.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-28Cosmetics.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-28Saved the first steps for a new loading process.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-25Provided a way to relocate built binaries.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-25Been more verbose on Python loading failures.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-25Added a missing file for installation.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-25Fixed an uninitialized variable usage.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-21Written a proper documentation for the binary format Python bindings.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-21Changed the hierarchy of format objects.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-19Simplified the code by using existing helpers.hCyrille Bagard
2020-05-19Improved the use of the known format object.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-18Extended the documentation for the SymIterator Python class.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-18Updated the Python API for string symbols.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-18Renamed the [Py]StructObject.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-17Updated the plugin system and its Python documentation.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-17Introduced a new object of string constant sets.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-16Added a way to get all registered architectures.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-12Described the Python API for binary portions.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-11Updated the API for buffer caches.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-04Recognized reserved instructions as special cases.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-03Defined the missing features required to build operands from Python.Cyrille Bagard
2020-04-29Improved the documentation of the disassembly cache for Python.Cyrille Bagard
2020-04-28Extended the Python bindings for registers.Cyrille Bagard
2020-04-21Deleted obsolete code for dynamic types.Cyrille Bagard
2020-04-21Redefined the interface for creating new processors from Python.Cyrille Bagard
2020-04-19Changed the way the key for an architecture is provided.Cyrille Bagard
2020-04-19Updated the interface for flat formats.Cyrille Bagard
2020-04-19Improved the documentation for the Android boot image Python bindings.Cyrille Bagard
2020-04-18Taken into account the potential absence of demangler in the symbol panel.Cyrille Bagard
2020-04-13Avoided to look for syscalls in a kernel binary.Cyrille Bagard
2020-04-13Simplified the loading process of binary contents.Cyrille Bagard