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2018-04-02Rewritten the whole instruction definition format.Cyrille Bagard
2017-12-02Created a plugin for the ARM support.Cyrille Bagard
2017-10-18Created plugins for the Dex and Dalvik support.Cyrille Bagard
2017-01-13Added the po/ file to untracked files.Cyrille Bagard
2016-04-16Created a basic tool to manage server configurations.Cyrille Bagard
2016-04-09Built interfaces using Glade and GLib resources.Cyrille Bagard
2016-02-01Defined all Dalvik instructions to get generated by d2c.Cyrille Bagard
2016-01-28Cleaned, rewritten and improved the whole code of the compiler.Cyrille Bagard
2015-12-04Removed old rules producing noisy warnings with automake.Cyrille Bagard
2015-12-03Extended the definition of files to ignore.Cyrille Bagard
2015-12-03Added a '.gitignore' file for the repository.Cyrille Bagard