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2016-12-18Shared all Dalvik operands between all their users.Cyrille Bagard
2016-12-17Removed debug output.Cyrille Bagard
2016-12-15Fixed a bug when replacing strings.Cyrille Bagard
2016-12-15Removed dead code and a compilation warning.Cyrille Bagard
2016-12-15Fixed a runtime warning occurring from Python standalone scripts.Cyrille Bagard
2016-12-15Removed dead code.Cyrille Bagard
2016-12-15Defined proper accesses to instructions loaded by a processor.Cyrille Bagard
2016-12-14Provided an iterator for instructions.Cyrille Bagard
2016-12-13Fixed a runtime warning by referencing binaries with care.Cyrille Bagard
2016-12-13Moved the registration of sharing hash tables.Cyrille Bagard
2016-12-13Fixed some compilation warnings.Cyrille Bagard
2016-12-13Ensured all symbol comments match their symbol address.Cyrille Bagard
2016-12-12Removed most of the code related to non-working decompilation.Cyrille Bagard
2016-12-12Applied some code refactoring to remove usages of GBinFormat in favor of GExe...Cyrille Bagard
2016-12-04Read ELF notes when requested.Cyrille Bagard
2016-11-27Saved memory space by sharing arch GObjects.Cyrille Bagard
2016-11-11Typo.Cyrille Bagard
2016-11-11Improved the way display panel binaries are tracked.Cyrille Bagard
2016-11-11Prepared the new organization of display widgets.Cyrille Bagard
2016-11-09Loaded GTK CSS extensions from files in a given theme directory.Cyrille Bagard
2016-11-07Fixed a little bug when reading final data.Cyrille Bagard
2016-11-06Added margins between columns only after non-empty columns.Cyrille Bagard
2016-11-06Handled tabulations as small separation paddings.Cyrille Bagard
2016-11-03Counted references for each provided binary format.Cyrille Bagard
2016-11-03Extended a little bit the Python bindings.Cyrille Bagard
2016-11-03Replaced all the remaining occurrences of 'OpenIDA' by 'Chrysalide'.Cyrille Bagard
2016-11-03Prepared the capacity to display more than one view per binary.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-29Cleaned the code and fixed memory leaks.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-29Read GCC warning messages with more care.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-29Told GCC to pack enumerations to save memory space.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-29Reduced once again the size of the main instruction structure.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-28Optimized access to instruction sources and destinations.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-28Cleaned the structure for instructions a little bit.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-28Stored instruction hooks in the data section rather than in the heap.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-25Noted that even the first basic block can have a loop to itself.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-25Fixed a mistake when decoding sparse-switch and packed-switch payloads.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-23Deleted a level of data to reduce the memory fingerprint.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-23Memorized all creators of line content at the line level and saved memory.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-22Made all segments share their content to save memory.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-22Reduced the memory usage by cutting down the size of GBufferSegment.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-22Fixed GUI bugs in the case where no binary is loaded.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-21Fixed bugs as realloc() may change base addresses and does not initialize new...Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-21Initialized the libc random generator using the time and the process ID.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-20Extended the number of cases where beautiful graphs are produced.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-18Extended the graph widget as much as needed and centered its content.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-17Fixed a huge memory leak when computing shadows.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-17Produced nicer graphic node rendering with shadows.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-16Marked ARMv7 instructions which pop the PC register as return points.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-15Avoided many infinite loops when computing ranks in Dalvik basic blocks.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-15Built proper comments for all the Dalvik switch cases.Cyrille Bagard