path: root/plugins/itanium
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-31Changed the location of installed plugins.Cyrille Bagard
2018-08-18Removed a useless cast in the Python bindings.Cyrille Bagard
2018-07-17Got the namespace separator from formats when listing symbols.Cyrille Bagard
2018-07-10Removed a compilation warning.Cyrille Bagard
2018-07-09Run one last quick review of Itanium demangling.Cyrille Bagard
2018-07-08Changed the type of namespace separators.Cyrille Bagard
2018-07-08Filtered one more component for Itanium substitutions.Cyrille Bagard
2018-07-07Extended the types API.Cyrille Bagard
2018-07-04Kept information about arguments for templated routines.Cyrille Bagard
2018-07-04Fixed various mistakes in Itanium C++ demangling.Cyrille Bagard
2018-07-02Improved the Itanium C++ demangling.Cyrille Bagard