path: root/plugins/python
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-22Deleted the old execution tracer Python plugin.Cyrille Bagard
2018-09-22Typo.Cyrille Bagard
2018-09-18Loaded APK files using a Python script.Cyrille Bagard
2018-08-31Changed the location of installed plugins.Cyrille Bagard
2018-07-23Fix the Python scripts loading.Cyrille Bagard
2018-06-18Deleted the initial Python version of the syscall identifier.Cyrille Bagard
2017-08-21Fixed installation directories.Cyrille Bagard
2017-02-14Fixed the creation of distribution tarballs.Cyrille Bagard
2016-09-21Provided a real welcome panel at startup, with tricks and actions.Cyrille Bagard
2016-05-28Removed the old Python plugin reading android permissions.Cyrille Bagard
2016-03-09Stored and loaded panels attributes using the global configuration.Cyrille Bagard
2016-03-08Loaded a dynamic list of dockable panels in the View menu.Cyrille Bagard
2015-12-29Avoided to crash when the Internet is not reachable.Cyrille Bagard
2015-12-23Avoided to crash when the website is not reachable.Cyrille Bagard
2015-09-19Extended the prototype for matching formats in order to get it suitable for p...Cyrille Bagard
2015-09-01Added a welcome panel as plugin using Python.Cyrille Bagard
2013-06-13Fixed Elf format support.Cyrille Bagard
2013-03-19Defined the first steps towards new graph renderings.Cyrille Bagard
2013-01-26Provided some debug helpers as plugin samples.Cyrille Bagard
2012-12-21Resolved relative addresses for routines and fixed bugs related to PyGObjects...Cyrille Bagard
2012-12-18Created a proper panel for the Android permissions in the editor.Cyrille Bagard
2012-12-12Allowed classes which derive from GObject to receive arguments in their const...Cyrille Bagard
2012-10-08Added pictures to the list of Android permissions.Cyrille Bagard
2012-09-17Fixed a bug when splitting panels.Cyrille Bagard
2012-09-15Shown all Android permissions with links to the code.Cyrille Bagard
2012-08-06Saved progress toward the Android permissions display.Cyrille Bagard
2012-08-03Loaded the permissions used by an APK file.Cyrille Bagard
2012-03-17Created the 'pychrysa' Python plugin from the 'pyoida' one.Cyrille Bagard
2012-02-18Retrieved the frames stack from the running process.Cyrille Bagard
2012-02-17Listed all running threads using Python.Cyrille Bagard
2012-02-01Provided a debug module for Python plugins using the PyGObject API.Cyrille Bagard
2012-02-01Provided interfaces to use debuggers in plugins.Cyrille Bagard
2011-12-25Installed the plugin for APK files.Cyrille Bagard
2011-10-01Defined the first real [python] plugin.Cyrille Bagard
2010-03-31Implemented first steps to a Python plugins support.Cyrille Bagard