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2018-09-06Created a manual page for Chrysalide.Cyrille Bagard
2017-02-14Fixed the creation of distribution tarballs.Cyrille Bagard
2015-11-03Retrieved the revision number using M4 instead of shell.Cyrille Bagard
2015-06-12Improved loading speed with binary search of sorted arrays.Cyrille Bagard
2014-10-07Created a compiler for architecture instruction definitions.Cyrille Bagard
2014-09-15Defined a GTK3 style for binary portions.Cyrille Bagard
2014-04-23Fixed a bug by avoiding one hardcoded path when looking for a picture.Cyrille Bagard
2010-11-04Introduced translations.Cyrille Bagard
2010-05-18Defined the pattern of the revision.h file.Cyrille Bagard
2010-05-18Fixed the computing of the revision number.Cyrille Bagard
2010-05-18Displayed the about window.Cyrille Bagard
2009-09-20Rewritten the work queue and fixed thread concurrency.Cyrille Bagard
2009-07-19Encapsulated all recognized variables in the stack using a new plugin (need t...Cyrille Bagard
2009-04-25Saved the current work on plugins.Cyrille Bagard
2009-02-16Begun to add a real support of DragAndDropping for panels.Cyrille Bagard
2008-10-12Provided default code parts to analyze.Cyrille Bagard
2008-07-23Initial commit.Cyrille Bagard