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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-01Improve the code quality by renaming the type for packed buffers.Cyrille Bagard
2021-05-30Create a command to list remote binaries.Cyrille Bagard
2021-05-29Define roles for allowed connections to servers.Cyrille Bagard
2021-04-08Cosmetics.Cyrille Bagard
2021-04-05Typos.Cyrille Bagard
2021-03-07Load and store data types with proper functions.Cyrille Bagard
2021-03-07Handle hashes of data types as Py_ssize_t values from Python bindings.Cyrille Bagard
2021-03-07Compact data type definitions.Cyrille Bagard
2021-02-23Prepare mechanisms to load and store data types.Cyrille Bagard
2021-02-20Change some prototypes for GLib objects storage.Cyrille Bagard
2021-02-20Compute a hash value for data types.Cyrille Bagard
2021-01-09Changed some installation paths and included a pkgconfig configuration.Cyrille Bagard
2020-12-11Updated the Python API to use properly handled constants.Cyrille Bagard
2020-10-18Updated the code for the types built from expressions.Cyrille Bagard
2020-10-18Updated the code for the prototypes support.Cyrille Bagard
2020-10-18Updated the code for template types.Cyrille Bagard
2020-10-13Defined proper Python bindings for class/enum types.Cyrille Bagard
2020-10-13Defined proper Python bindings for basic types.Cyrille Bagard
2020-10-10Updated the basic types definition and its Python bindings.Cyrille Bagard
2020-09-25Provided as much information as possible for instruction links in Python.Cyrille Bagard
2020-09-07Rewritten some code managing comments.Cyrille Bagard
2020-09-01Updated code.Cyrille Bagard
2020-08-22Restored the operand display switch feature.Cyrille Bagard
2020-08-22Improved code.Cyrille Bagard
2020-08-16Created some extra features for the GTK API.Cyrille Bagard
2020-08-08Updated all the code relative to GUI items.Cyrille Bagard
2020-07-14Switched to the new interface registration for Python bindings.Cyrille Bagard
2020-07-14Updated the Python bindings for the loaded panel interface.Cyrille Bagard
2020-07-14Updated the code handling binary contents.Cyrille Bagard
2020-07-12Improved the API for loaded contents.Cyrille Bagard
2020-07-07Saved the first steps toward a new serialization system.Cyrille Bagard
2020-06-21Reorganized the code for target operands.Cyrille Bagard
2020-06-07Simplified code.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-21Written a proper documentation for the binary format Python bindings.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-18Renamed the [Py]StructObject.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-17Updated the plugin system and its Python documentation.Cyrille Bagard
2020-05-11Updated the API for buffer caches.Cyrille Bagard
2020-04-29Improved the documentation of the disassembly cache for Python.Cyrille Bagard
2020-04-21Redefined the interface for creating new processors from Python.Cyrille Bagard
2020-04-13Simplified the loading process of binary contents.Cyrille Bagard
2020-02-23Defined a working way to build routines from Python.Cyrille Bagard
2020-02-18Relocated the raw instructions.Cyrille Bagard
2020-02-18Parsed Python bytes-like objects arguments with care.Cyrille Bagard
2020-02-15Improved the documentation for the loaded content Python bindings.Cyrille Bagard
2020-02-15Chosen the default view displayed after a binary loading.Cyrille Bagard
2020-02-04Updated copyright headers.Cyrille Bagard
2020-01-15Reorganized the architecture operands.Cyrille Bagard
2020-01-08Fixed the link between native and Python locations.Cyrille Bagard
2020-01-03Used a Python enumeration for verbosity levels.Cyrille Bagard
2019-11-28Improved the API for binary contents a little bit.Cyrille Bagard