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2016-12-18Shared all Dalvik operands between all their users.Cyrille Bagard
2016-12-12Removed most of the code related to non-working decompilation.Cyrille Bagard
2016-11-27Saved memory space by sharing arch GObjects.Cyrille Bagard
2016-11-09Loaded GTK CSS extensions from files in a given theme directory.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-29Told GCC to pack enumerations to save memory space.Cyrille Bagard
2016-10-09Defined a new and simpler way to produce graphical view of basic blocks.Cyrille Bagard
2016-09-21Provided a real welcome panel at startup, with tricks and actions.Cyrille Bagard
2016-07-28Taken into account that tabulations are not spaces for Makefiles.Cyrille Bagard
2016-05-28Removed the old Python plugin reading android permissions.Cyrille Bagard
2016-05-02Warned in case of missing analyzer/parser generator.Cyrille Bagard
2016-04-27Used official closures instead of user-defined ones when possible.Cyrille Bagard
2016-04-09Created user public and private RSA keys if needed.Cyrille Bagard
2016-03-13Created a readelf-like information provider for Dex files.Cyrille Bagard
2016-03-09Reorganized the whole code dealing with dockable panels.Cyrille Bagard
2016-03-01Prevented compilation from breaking when Python3 is not found.Cyrille Bagard
2016-02-01Defined all Dalvik instructions to get generated by d2c.Cyrille Bagard
2016-01-30Introduced a format switch to distinguish different kinds of definitions.Cyrille Bagard
2016-01-28Cleaned, rewritten and improved the whole code of the compiler.Cyrille Bagard
2015-12-04Moved all files related to the GUI into the 'gui' directory.Cyrille Bagard
2015-11-29Computed a version number for Chrysalide using Git.Cyrille Bagard
2015-11-03Retrieved the revision number using M4 instead of shell.Cyrille Bagard
2015-10-01Decoded mangled names in a way suitable for the DEX format.Cyrille Bagard
2015-09-20Defined one unique type to handle binaries.Cyrille Bagard
2015-09-11Created an interface from the original GBinContent object.Cyrille Bagard
2015-09-01Added a welcome panel as plugin using Python.Cyrille Bagard
2015-08-12Extended the loading process of binary formats to prepare the DWARF support.Cyrille Bagard
2015-07-17Updated the Python bindings.Cyrille Bagard
2015-05-11Provided a way to look for ROP gadgets in binary code.Cyrille Bagard
2015-04-27Allowed to compile the project from a fresh install by fixing mistakes.Cyrille Bagard
2015-04-25Included a new plugin to mark calls to exit() functions as return points.Cyrille Bagard
2015-04-06Said goodbye to Graphviz.Cyrille Bagard
2015-03-28Provided readelf features as an external plugin.Cyrille Bagard
2015-02-16Added a basic support for Mobicore truslets.Cyrille Bagard
2015-02-09Registered all the supported processors in the system code.Cyrille Bagard
2015-01-26Begun to rewrite the whole plugins system.Cyrille Bagard
2014-11-25Extended the range of supported ARMv7 instructions.Cyrille Bagard
2014-11-15Given the d2c compiler its own directory.Cyrille Bagard
2014-10-21Cleaned, fixed and improved the rules for the display of view columns.Cyrille Bagard
2014-10-07Created a compiler for architecture instruction definitions.Cyrille Bagard
2014-10-01Prepared the ground for the ARMv7 architecture.Cyrille Bagard
2014-09-15Defined a GTK3 style for binary portions.Cyrille Bagard
2014-08-19Added a demo symbol when loading an ELF header.Cyrille Bagard
2014-08-18Inserted storages and collections into loaded binaries (first steps).Cyrille Bagard
2014-07-10Fully rewritten the core configuration system.Cyrille Bagard
2014-06-25Built the first steps to upgrade to Python3.Cyrille Bagard
2014-04-23Fixed a bug by avoiding one hardcoded path when looking for a picture.Cyrille Bagard
2014-03-20Created the first steps for a distributed storage.Cyrille Bagard
2014-01-26Saved the first steps of the migration to GTK+ v3.Cyrille Bagard
2013-12-29Added forgotten definitions and updates.Cyrille Bagard
2013-06-30Provided first basic support for a few ARM instructions.Cyrille Bagard